KKLUB Stripclub Brisbane

Find a fresh way to throw your party at Kklub Stripclub Brisbane.

• You get your own stage and DJ who plays your favourite music.

• Decorate the place however you like.

• A selection of the hottest women 

• We can cater your event.

• You can invite up to 150 people.

Kklub Stripclub Brisbane now lets you reserve parts of our club. Whether it’s a business meeting, a birthday bash, or just a unique spot for a gathering, we’ve got you covered with the hottest strippers.

We offer personalised VIP packages for all occasions:

• Bucks parties
• Birthday parties
• Cocktail parties
• Reunions
• Graduations
• Corporate holiday parties
• Team-building events

You can even have your own stage and DJ, and we’ll provide free transportation to and from your hotel.

Customise your own package below. Once you submit, a professional KKlub Stripclub Brisbane event planner will contact you and set up your once in a lifetime occasion.