1. What is a strip club?
    • A strip club is a venue where performers, often referred to as strippers or exotic dancers, entertain guests by performing stripteases or other erotic dances.
  2. Who can attend a strip club?
    • Typically, strip clubs have age restrictions and require guests to be at least 18.
  3. What should I expect when visiting a strip club?
    • Expect the hottest live performances by our beautiful strippers who may perform on stage or offer lap dances. Our club has a fully stocked bar where you can purchase a variety of drinks.
  4. Do I need to tip the dancers?
    • Tipping our gorgeous dancers for their performances is standard etiquette, especially if you receive a lap dance or request an exceptional performance.
  5. Are there private areas for dances?
    • Yes, we offer private or VIP areas where guests can receive lap dances or the VVIP area for an additional fee.
  6. What should I wear to a strip club?
    • While there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s best to dress neatly and avoid overly casual or offensive attire. No steel cap boots, overalls, singlets and thongs.
  7. Can I take photos or videos inside the club?
    • No, not at all, we have strict policies against photography and recording devices to protect the privacy of the performers and guests.
  8. Are there rules I need to follow while at the club?
    • Yes, common rules include respecting the performers and staff, refraining from touching the dancers without their consent, and following all  club policies and guidelines.
  9. Does Kklub Strip club Brisbane serve alcohol?
    • Yes, we have a bar where guests can purchase alcoholic beverages, but it’s important to drink responsibly and adhere to laws regarding alcohol consumption.
  10. How do I apply for a job.
  11. What do I do about lost property?
    • Pls message our instagram handle directly on kklubqld
  12. Why do I have to scan in to Kklub Stripclub Brisbane?
  13. Does Kklub Strip club Brisbane have certified and qualified bar staff?
    • Yes, we fully adhere to the QLD governments requirement for all bar staff to be RSA compliant.
  14. How do i book a VIP booth?